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March 5, 2013
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Tomb Raider entry by freddylupus Tomb Raider entry by freddylupus
my entry for the Tomb Raider reborn contest. with some fixes :)
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licantroppus Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Oh man Amazing ! Yours works are incredibles! congratulations!It is beautiful to see and this encourages us all
freddylupus Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013  Student
thank you very much!! :D
Forty-Fathoms Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013  Professional General Artist
Congratulations! Your piece has been featured in #Tomb-Raider-Groupies's new Tomb Raider Reboot Feature Article! Please considering favoriting and commenting on the article as well as checking out the other pieces featured!
cerebraleye Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I would say this is really good. The textures on the buildings are ....applied but it looks just like that. The buildings are weird. The one near the mans hands look like building blocks and not a complete building. The hand of Laura drawing the bow string is really forced and does not look like it is actually attached to her arm. If you invert the hand and let the hand show the finger tips and the two finger ( index and middle finger) hold on the string you will see a more believable grip on the string. Use Green arrow , The show arrow has some great bow archery shots. The man at Laura's feet to me...I maybe wrong on this, I don't know if this is a character that is in the game or something, he looks too big in the head. I think you were going for a foreground shot with the guy's body but it doesn't have a seperation that it looks like that. To me, I see Laura is standing on his back and not farther away. I like your color choices. The green and yellows and browns are nice. Keeps that feel of the game. Yet, there is no darkness missing to this piece. I understand that the scene is on a mountainside, yet you might have wanted to make it a night scene scene from what I have seen, limited I admit, has been dark and gritty looking.
Would like to have seen more people on around the buildings that Laura is about to go too. It would show that there is more danger for her further along and that the job is far from done. Maybe show some of the obstacles that she is going to have to cross since you have a nice establishing scene going on there. The anatomy and settings are very nice. Keep up the hard work man!
freddylupus Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Student
thanks for the advice, man!! good stuff :)

as soon as i get my computer back - it's currently getting some life breathed back into it by the folks at the apple store - i'm going to put some more time into this.
cerebraleye Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
cool beans man. Keep it up, you only have a little bit left to go! Hope the Portfolio reviews went well.
freddylupus Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Student
haven't happened yet. totally crapping my pants lol. we have less than a month til we head on over to DC.
cerebraleye Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Crap away! Pay attention when you go and remember who you meet with. One thing...DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED if they do not fall all over your are. You are in school and the art you have is not the best you are going to present to them. Just listen to what they are telling you and make that you primary focus when doing your submissions. You'll do just fine.
VASS-comics Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013
The buildings on the right still throw me off.

They look more like books stacked on top of each other or wood blocks than buildings. The door and ladder and drum help, as does the hole in the side there and the little ledge on the top, but if those block like structures are made of bricks, what's holding up the sections that are hanging over the edges of the other sections? There would need to be pillars and struts and such.

The bottom most block looks like it has a horizontal wood texture and the vertical block to the right looks like it has a vertical wood structure.
So in that cluster of misaligned buildings you have misaligned structures one tier made of giant wooden slabs oriented both vertically and horizontally, then you have another tier made of bricks which is on a separate vanishing point, and a 3rd made of some sort of plaster on yet another vanishing point. The 3 different textures and corresponding vanishing points is undermining your group of buildings on the right. While you do almost the same thing with the buildings on the left so far as varying textures those buildings are more successful because they are on the same vanishing point.

All of these buildings in my opinion need more work as they amount o a series of textured blocks, the edges need to be broken up some, and they need to be made more organic in that they have been around a while, and are not brand new virginal buildings. Stuff like that hole in the one on the right, but applied throughout, make the silhouettes a little more broken up so they aren't all straight edges, maybe show where the buildings meet the mountains with some rocks or rubble sort of breaking into the currently clean areas of the buildings, maybe throw some trees in there, or some other dead dudes.
The 2 successful buildings are the top most and 3rd from the top on the left, all the buildings need to be that quality.
It looks like this whole thing was done digitally, so it really shouldn't take that long to fix those things.

You need to push yourself to do stronger environments, think of them as another character and it will be less tedious. Your figures need a believable world to do shit in, imagine avengers with cardboard cut outs for all the backgrounds instead of the millions of dollars worth of special effects, half assing backgrounds in your art has the same effect.

Keep bringing, this piece is so close to delicious completion!
freddylupus Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Student
dude...awesome advice, tony!! i'll keep pushing this soon as i possibly can. my lappy may have died on me. either a crashed hard drive or the cord that reads it corrupted. the apple doctors have the damn thing and claim i should have it back tomorrow.

i've turned this thing in to mike chen already...but will absolutely work on it more before the deadline for the contest is up.
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